Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stand Up and Sing!!

Jazz Pianist Joel Gold and Bassist Michael sat in at my gig last Saturday at Cary and Eddie's Hideaway Maui and what a high that was! We went over the top with a funky version of 'God Bless The Child.' We got together on Sunday get ready for me to stand up and sing...laying down the piano and putting on the high heels! It is very freeing for me to just stand up and SING! I've been playing piano since I was five...asked my Daddy and Aunt Madi to teach me how to play with two hands and got a good grasp on the Boogie Woogie!..accompanying myself at the piano from my teenage years. Playing and singing together has served me well to stay in the music business and it is such a treat to just do one thing at a time!

Tonight a did a great private gig at Launiopoko for a beautiful couple from Seattle, celebrating their 30th Wedding Anniversary, then went and sat in at Cool Cats in Lahaina, with Bob Harrison, Jesse Smith, Mark Johnston and Marv Blue.. It is so great to play with these Jazz musicians...This is music to my ears! I am High on Music! Trading riffs and being inspired to new heights with my voice, riding the beautiful waves we co-create! I love scat Jazzing on the spot being backed by some of Maui's finest musicians!

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